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5 Quick Tips in Using Signages to Get More Customers in Your Store

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Before you can amaze customers with your impressive products or services, you first need to entice them enough to walk through your shop's door. Because of this, having visually appealing signages is crucial for your business marketing success.

Here are 5 quick tips to using signages to get more customers and boost foot traffic into your shop:

Tip #1: Be Specific with the Copy

The display may showcase the items wonderfully, but it all fails if the signage couldn't deliver. Avoid lengthily and wordy signs — too much information usually gets ignored.

When you are conceptualizing your sign, remember this five-second rule: People should be able to read the sign in five seconds or less, understanding its meaning without confusion. If your message needs to be longer, try using a series of signs integrated aesthetically into your store's overall look.

Don't let clutter disrupt your store's message: always use the minimum amount of words necessary to get your message across. Be careful with your wording and keep the objective of your retail signage in mind.

Tip #2: Choose the Optimal Size and Font

Customers must be able to read your retail signage for it to be effective. If a retail sign is too small, it can be easily missed. Whereas ones that are too large can appear overwhelming, look out of place, or, worst-case scenario, become the background.

Try putting yourself in your customers' shoes when determining the ideal font size. Will they walk past your sign, drive by in their cars, or encounter them on product labels? Older audiences or people with eyesight concerns should see larger fonts.

One more thing to consider when selecting fonts is their clarity. It all depends on how the font is seen from the customers' eye level. So, use fonts on your signage that are clear and on-brand for optimum effect.

Tip #3: Know the Right Position for Your Signs Outside of Your Store

Specific benchmarks determine where customers will find your signage, such as promotional signages are positioned at eye-level in window displays or at ground level on the street to attract wandering passerby.

Remember that "eye-level" is distinctive for different people depending on their height or transportation mode. Always keep your target audience in mind when testing signage positioning out to determine the most effective height level for your prospective customers, along with your sign's purpose or function.

Tip #4: Be Careful with Colors

Bright colors can surely stick out in sign design, but they can negatively impact if you go with unusual colors or weird combinations. Direct your attention to contrast and the colors used, use dark-colored letters on a light background, or vice versa, to improve readability.

Tip #5: Experiment

Many stores or restaurant signs are commonly displayed horizontally, as it usually works best for the purpose. A vertical or even a tilted orientation could better suit building façades. If you want to go out of the box, consider having custom-made sign designs in different and unique shapes.

How you display your outdoor signage can make or break your in-store experience. Keep an awareness of the various uses for retail signages and put advanced practices such as color theory and font combinations in ensuring that your retail signage does not flop.

Signage Hub offers guidance and state-of-the-art technology to make sure your business goals are met through signages. Contact us today for professional assistance with your signage needs.

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