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Main Advantage of Using Acrylic in Signage

At Signage Hub Philippines, we've been using acrylic in our signage Philippines for nearly a decade. In that time, we've learned a lot about the material and why it's such an excellent choice when selecting signage materials! We'll cover some of those reasons here, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns on the subject.

Advantages of Acrylic Signs versus Other Materials

Following are several advantages of using acrylic in signage:

Lightweight - acrylic signs are much lighter than other alternatives like metal and wood because they don't contain dead weight from wood fibers or heavy metals. This makes them simple to handle and install throughout your business without posing the danger of injury to workers or property that heavier materials do.

More Impact Resistant - acrylic build-up signage or signs are much more impact resistant than regular advertising banners. They won't shatter when kicked, hit, or dropped like glass would! There's a reason why we use acrylic in our office skylights.

Low Cost - This material's lightweight nature means it can be more easily transported and stored when not in use. Because it's less expensive to manufacture and transport, acrylic signs can often cost up to 50% less than their glass alternatives!

Easy Maintenance - You should follow a few rules when cleaning your sign, but acrylic is low maintenance after that.

Heat Resistant - heat-based materials like plastic and acrylic signs tend to be more resistant to high temperatures than glass or wood products. This makes them perfect for outdoor use and applications where you're using lights directly behind the material!

Easy to Repair - Repairing is much easier than a traditional glass product if you happen to break your acrylic sign. All of our signs are covered by a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects, and we offer professional replacement services if a quick fix isn't up your alley.

UV Resistant - some of the most common problems with outdoor signs are that they fade and begin to look dingy after prolonged exposure to the sun. Because our acrylic signs don't contain any wood fibers, they won't fall victim to this problem!

Affordable - Acrylic signs are an affordable, cost-effective way to get your message across. The colors on these non-glare signs will not fade or wear off over time. Acrylic is also much more durable than many other sign options making it a good choice if you're looking for something that can be used outdoors – especially since they are lighter and easier to hang up.

Like glass, acrylic signage offers a smooth finish which means the surface absorbs light instead of reflecting it at the viewer, making images stand out nicely against their background. Printing on this material works in the same way as with glass: full-color process printing. Because of the clarity and durability of acrylic, this print medium is commonly used for custom nameplates (formation of the sign gives it a glossy, finished look and protects from damage. The sign can be mounted indoors or outdoors with no fear of rusting or corrosion. Additionally, acrylic signs tend to last longer than any other material.

Winding Up

Acrylic is a durable, impact-resistant material that is easy to handle. It lasts for many years. It is lightweight and easy to fit, and its low cost makes it an economical alternative to glass signs. The anti-glare properties of acrylic also make it ideal for outdoor signs. Whether you are looking for acrylic build-up signage or acrylic signage with LED, we can help you.

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