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Top Different Types of Signage for Your Restaurant Business

A small restaurant business can become a huge success if you have the correct signage made by the right sign maker. However, most business owners do not pay much attention to this matter. It is sad because the visual of your brand is very important when it comes to marketing and success. For example, each type of restaurant will quickly require specific signs recognized by people walking in the streets.

Types of Signs for Restaurant Business

As a restaurant business owner, you should have at least basic knowledge about different signs to make knowledgeable decisions.

1. Neon Sign

This is one of the most popular types of sign for a business. This particular form of sign is bright and very easy to read from a distance. It is also eye-catching and clean, making it desirable even for people who are driving by your restaurant or shop.

2. LED Lights

Highly used in most big cities, these signs are seen everywhere, especially during nighttime. They are highly visible because they have colors that stand out and are not hard on the eyes when you look at them.

3. Billboard

Often used in highway lanes, these signs are very prominent and can be seen by anyone driving by. Unlike neon signs, billboards do not require any electricity to light them up, even at night.

4. Simple Signage

Along with being eye-catching, your simple restaurant signage should also tell people what kind of service or product they will get when they cross its door or pass by its place. It serves as a reminder for regular patrons of your restaurant or business so that they will readily remember your service and products even if it is the hundredth time that they have been there.

5. Window Signage

Your window signage can be your most valuable asset when it comes to business because many people will see it every time they walk by your place or pass by on the streets. It should match the theme of your place of business to give off a more inviting feel and look with its colors, material used, and content.

6. Wall Art

Wall art has been around for centuries because this specific type of sign has been proven to be very powerful when it comes to business. The size, color, and design of the said art should match with what you want to promote or sell so that people will easily recognize them.

7. Window Art

Another suitable type of space for advertisement is through your windows because most people pass by there while they are walking on the street and waiting for a bus or taxi ride in front of your place.


There are many different signs that you can use for your business, but they all vary in size, materials used, and cost. To find out the best one to use for your place of business will depend on what you want to promote or sell through it. Choosing a sign from the best sign maker that matches your brand's theme is the most vital thing. It will allow people to recognize it readily and remember when they think about going inside to eat or shop at your place.

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