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Top-Most Iconic Signage's In the World

Signage is a form of communication, but more importantly, it indicates one's presence and position in society. When discussing iconic signage, it becomes a delicate subject to select one as favorite or best. There are many criteria to judge iconic signage, such as:

  • Inventiveness of idea

  • The creativity behind the design concept

  • Quality and durability of workmanship on display

Best Iconic Signage

Below are mentioned top iconic signs that represent different countries around the globe with a brief introduction.

1. The Eiffel Tower - Paris (France)

The Eiffel tower was a steel structure built as an entrance arch for the 1889 universal exhibition held in Paris. This unique tower is one of the most visited structures worldwide, with over 200 million people visiting it every year, making it the world's number one tourist attraction site. Created as a temporary exhibit for World Expo, this giant ironwork was supposed to be scrapped after the event ends. Due to its popularity, it still stands tall today, earning the Iron Lady's good nickname.

2. Brandenburg Gate - Berlin (Germany)

Brandenburg Gate is a national monument in Germany where you can find the parades of the German army every year on the 9th of November to celebrate their victory against Napoleon's Army at Waterloo. The gate itself was built in the 1770s as an entrance to the Prussian royal gardens, but later on, it was used as a site for public gatherings. Currently, Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin's main attractions.

3. Hollywood Sign - Los Angeles (USA)

The Hollywood sign is undoubtedly the most iconic structure in Los Angeles. It was installed in 1923 to advertise the "Hollywood land" neighborhood, but this famous landmark became the world's most popular letter when it began to collapse due to weather and neglect; hence it was restored by LA City in 1978s years.

4. Gateway Arch - St Louis (USA)

The Gateway Arch was constructed to commemorate the United States expansionism in the west. This giant structure representing a bowed human figure is designed to be a special attraction for visitors from St Louis from Illinois. The arch is the tallest of its structural kind in the world, and it is also the best symbol for St Louis to show that they are proud of their city

5. Statue of Liberty - New York (USA)

The Statue of Liberty was built (1884-1889) as a restoration project by France after Americans captured them in the 1880s. These were the best gifts ever made by France to show their appreciation for welcoming French citizens fleeing the revolution during the 18th century. The statue can be seen as a symbol for freedom and peace, where you can find written on its plaque.

6. The 'Big Ben' Clock Tower - London (England)

The Big Ben tower is a clock tower in the heart of London. It was designed by Sir Charles Barry and built between1847-1859. Most people know it as an icon for the center of British politics and the UK's national clock; the timepiece has taken on mythological standing; projected as one of Britain's most innocent symbols ever made.

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