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4 Things to Consider Before Getting Storefront Signage for your Business

Signage are a way to make your business seen out there. Effective signage help set your business apart from others from the industry. They help increase brand awareness, promote your business, and elevate your already established business - all of which generate sales!

Storefront signage can tell a story. It is a vital part of visual merchandising. Study shows that retail signage or storefront signage increase brand exposure by 30% and it efficiently aids in establishing a consistent corporate identity.

Whether you are new in the industry or you just simply want a fresher look for your business - now is the time to get storefront signage that would make your business shine! Here are the things that everyone should consider before getting a storefront sign:

1. Overall Look

The first thing to consider is the overall look of your sign. It is crucial for your sign to vividly reflect your mission and vision as a business entity, and to make sure that it seamlessly aligns with your brand. It must convey the message that you want to send to your target audience.

Take note that the design of your signage will be with you all throughout so see to it that the signage should have a long-term appeal and relevancy. It is important to ensure that the overall look of your sign will be more of a head-turner than a boring, easy-to-forget one.

2. Placement

The next thing to consider in integrating effective signage for your business is its placement. The efficacy of the signage highly depends on your chosen location and placement for it. Making sure that the sign will be placed where it will be visible is important.

The 20-foot test is a rule of thumb for signage. It is critical for the sign to be visible even if you are 20 feet away from it. Even if you have a stunning design for your storefront signage, it will be unnecessary if the placement of it is ineffective.

3. Durability

The resiliency, durability, and sturdiness of the signage are the few things that one should consider when purchasing a signage for their business. It is significant to consider the material that you will choose for your signage to ensure that it has durability and quality that will be with you towards long-term success.

Signage should have the capability to withstand abrupt changes in the environment. Have in mind that the storefront signs that you will purchase will be your front runner in representing your business. A high-quality signage that lasts longer won’t need to be replaced as often, which makes it a very smart move to consider its durability before purchasing.

4. Choosing the right company

Storefront signage is the most visible and cost-effective way of communicating to your customers. That is why it is important to make sure that the company that you will put your trust in making your business’ signage will satisfy all your needs.

If you’re looking for quality custom signs that uphold your brand aesthetic and are built to last, Signage Hub Philippines got you covered! Send us a message for q free quotation.

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