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Why It's Always Better To Have Custom Signage?

Customers are fickle, and they choose to do business with those who offer them a better value. A small investment in a custom sign will have a significant return. It shows the customer that you are serious about your business and that you care enough to spend money on making them feel comfortable.

Custom Signs vs. Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs look great, but they are one-sided and can be easily vandalized or blown away by the wind. If you want a more durable sign, have it printed on material such as 1/8" or 3mm acrylic that will resist damage better than coroplast.

Custom means that YOU, the customer gets to design it any way you see fit. Whether it's pictures of your products, workers in uniforms with your company logo, pics of your office building or lobby & other stuff, it's up to you what goes there.

Off-the-shelf coroplast signs will cost around $150 - $250 depending on size & how many sides are printed? Generally, off-the-shelf coroplast signs will end up costing approximately 1/3 of a custom sign. So you can see why it's better to have it made as a custom job.

Benefits of Custom Signs

1. A custom sign will positively grab people's attention and create an overall better image for your company or business if done right. You can design your custom signage however you like.

2. If it's a garage sale or other outdoor event, then all you need is a 4x8 coroplast sign with your cell phone number written on it; that's it. Plus, you get what you want with a custom sign, not what someone else thinks would look good for you!

3. In some cases, however, businesses will want to promote their business more and request full-color graphics of products or services and contact info. This is possible with custom signs and will look much better than coroplast signage any day!

4. A custom sign can be made quickly by an experienced sign maker. The design time, however, may take a few days after you give final approval.

5. Customized signs are a great way to backer your business. You get more exposure and create an overall better image for your company or business with custom signage, whether for domestic or commercial use.

6. Compared to off-the-shelf coroplast signs, this will range from $150 - $250 for the same size and amount of printing done. Custom signs, however, can be made with much more detail, graphics, phone number, website URL, hours of operation, etc., than an off-the-shelf printed sign. This is why custom signs over off the shelf are always recommended to have.

7. Customers have different tastes; some want it simple, others prefer it more colorful and detailed, etc. This makes each project unique in its way. If you don't like one thing on your custom sign, just let experts know, and they can change it on the next revision for no extra charge!

Last Thought

Custom signs are always better than off-the-shelf coroplast or a sign shop. You can create a custom logo, add your business phone number, website URL, hours of operation, and even pics of your products or services, along with contact info. With Signage Hub Philippines, get the best quality storefront signs, backlit signage, acrylic build-up signage, etc.

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